‍Family-owned companies embody a sense of tradition and long-term vision. Family-owned companies are intriguing as they have a long commitment to growth and development. They may also be potential investment opportunities for investment banks, private equity and independent investors. 

Family-owned software companies can present promising prospects for acquisitions or new clientele in the right stage of their development. Investors can establish meaningful connections and explore potential collaborations after identifying family-owned companies that may be interested in selling their businesses. Software companies rarely stay family-owned, as investors are eager to find companies ready to adapt but with a steady track record.

Below we present a list of 14 family-owned software companies from the United States, which have stood the test of quickly changing software business and continue to evolve and serve their customers.


Headquarter: Columbia, Maryland, United States

Founded: 1990

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: successware.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/successware-inc

Successware provides software solutions for home service industries, including for the HVAC, electrical and plumbing. The platform is designed to efficiently manage scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and customer relationship management processes, coupled with a mobile app called Successware Mobile.

Global Shop Solutions

Headquarter: The Woodlands, Texas, United States

Founded: 1976

Headcount: 201-500

Company website: globalshopsolutions.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/global-shop-solutions

Global Shop Solutions is a provider of the One-System ERP™ Software for lean manufacturing. They offer ERP software for inventory, purchasing, sales, shipping, administration, and customer service. Global Shop Solutions also provides job costing, AR, AP, Payroll, human resources and financial solutions, alongside ERP Training and ERP Implementation consulting services. 


Headquarter: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Founded: 2008

Headcount: 51 - 200

Company website: irely.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/irely

iRely provides ERP software for commodity management, petroleum distribution, retail, grain operations, and agribusinesses. iRely delivers end-to-end cloud-capable ERP and commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions. They have customers in more than 25 countries.


Headquarter: Florham Park, New Jersey, United States

Founded: 1981

Headcount: 201-500

Company website: datacor.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/datacorinc

Datacor is a provider of an integrated and configurable process manufacturing and chemical distribution software that helps businesses optimize sales. Datacor offers a Manufacturing ERP that synchronizes back-end operations and automates workflows. They also have an web-based, mobile-friendly Customer Relationship Management platform.


Headquarter: Rigby, Idaho, United States

Founded: 2008

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: avercast.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/avercast-llc

Avercast is a demand forecasting software provider for industry-specific supply chain problems. Avercast specializes in business forecasting, inventory planning and web collaboration. They serve both the small/midsize as well as the large business marketplace. Their product includes system alerts about exceptional inventory events. Avercast's S&OP software experts are available to build customized reports.

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. OpenFox

Headquarter: Bolingbrook, Illinois, United States

Founded: 1989

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: openfox.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/computer-projects-of-illinois

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. OpenFox provides software solutions to the law enforcement industry. CPI is the only information sharing solutions provider that focuses solely on the needs of professionals in the law enforcement and criminal justice fields. Nearly half of law enforcement users within the U.S. use OpenFox™ suite of information sharing products.


Headquarter: Eugene, Oregon, United States

Founded: 1988

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: liveplan.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/showcase/liveplan

LivePlan is a cloud-based business planning and management tool that helps entrepreneurs start, maintain, and grow a business. LivePlan offers business planning and forecasting tools, financial tool QuickBooks, customized dashboards, and benchmarking reports. They also have available over 500 sample business plans. LivePlan software helps business owners secure funding and accelerate their growth.


Headquarter: Clearwater, Florida, United States

Founded: 2000

Headcount: 201-500

Company website: clinicmind.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/clinicmind

ClinicMind is a healthcare technology company offering healthcare providers with streamlined clinic operations, revenue cycle management, and credentialing solutions. Their flagship product, ClinicMind, simplifies appointment scheduling, patient registration, EHR, and billing. Their software automates billing processes, accelerates claim submissions, and optimizes reimbursement. ClinicMind's credentialing solutions simplify provider credential management. For patient engagement, ClinicMind provides a patient portal for secure messaging, appointment reminders, and online scheduling. 

Lathem Time

Headquarter: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Founded: 1919

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: lathem.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/lathem-time-corporation

Lathem Time provides employee time tracking solutions and time clocks. Founded in 1919, Lathem remains a family-owned and operated company. The company specializes in three primary lines of business: time and attendance products, synchronized clock systems, and small business access control solutions. Their PayClock is integrated with an online time clock, mobile smartphones, or a Lathem digital time clock. The employee time card information can be integrated with payroll applications like Intuit QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex and similar.


Headquarter: Liberty, South Carolina, United States

Founded: 1996

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: keymarkinc.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/keymarkinc

KeyMark, Inc. is an intelligent automation provider, delivering capture (OCR), workflow (ECM), case management (DCM), and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to businesses and government organizations. KeyMark helps clients leverage technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, in industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and the public sector. KeyMark offers customers professional implementation services and extended support for automation providers such as OnBase by Hyland, Blue Prism, and Kofax software. 

MBF Bioscience

Headquarter: Williston, Vermont, United States

Founded: 1987

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: mbfbioscience.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/mbf-bioscience

MBF Bioscience is a family-run company that develops cutting edge technology and provides life science researchers with advanced software and hardware for microscopy. Their systems for neuron reconstruction, vascular analysis, stereology, worm tracking, and image management is configured based upon individual research needs and is supported by a team of staff scientists and technical support specialists. MBF Bioscience’s offering supports stereology, neuron reconstruction, brain mapping, virtual slides, and autoradiography, among others.

Rent Manager

Headquarter: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Founded: 1987

Headcount: 201-500

Company website: rentmanager.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/rentmanager

Rent Manager, a flagship product of London Computer Systems, is a property management, accounting, CRM, and work order management software suite. London Computer Systems (LCS) is a creator of advanced technologies, including integrated software, custom websites and VoIP telephone systems. They offer support, custom services, training options, and resources for rent management software implementation.


Headquarter: Canby, Oregon, United States

Founded: 1995

Headcount: 51-200

Company website: hawksoft.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/hawksoft-inc.

HawkSoft offers management systems for agencies. HawkSoft applies technology to automate insurance workflows and to improve their efficiency for staff and policyholders. HawkSoft is independently owned, with a purpose is to give independent agencies the knowledge and tools to build their businesses.

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