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Become an industry expert quickly with AI
Inven helps you to get ahead of the competition and become an industry expert in no time. Effortlessly identify all relevant big and small competitors for any company, and analyze markets efficiently with just a few clicks.
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Why Inven

Outperform your competition with Inven

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Get a grasp of any industry quickly

Amaze your clients with superior industry understanding by knowing all the relevant industry players and potential acquirers in the field.
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Understand the competitive landscape

Effortlessly identify all relevant big and small competitors for any company, and get the most important data points all in one place.
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Analyze markets efficiently

Efficiently analyze market size, growth, profitability, and fragmentation by identifying relevant companies and their financials.
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Find what you would otherwise miss

Whether you’re doing competitor benchmarking or market intelligence, with Inven you’ll save countless hours of manual desktop research. Using just a single example company, Inven will give you a list of all the relevant companies out there with proprietary data points.

advanced filters

Filter companies based on their ownership

Our AI analyses millions of websites and datapoints so that you don't need to. The search results can be filtered based on various criteria, such as:
  • Ownership type: Public, Private, Private equity-backed, Family owned
  • Business model: Software vs. non-software
  • Funding data
  • Financial data in Europe
Mock up image of Inven software UI
Mock up image of Inven software UI


Get verified contact data

With Inven you get access to verified contact data on 430M+ professionals with a focus on titles such as CEO, Founder, Owner, Head of M&A and CFO. This way you find the right people to talk to right away.

never miss an opportunity

How it works

1. Start by describing what you're looking for

Describe what kind of companies you are looking for using natural language.

2. Filter to narrow search

You can easily narrow down the search results with various filters such as headcount, location and ownership.
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3. Let our AI analyze the web

Our AI will scan millions of websites to find all relevant matches that are in the same field of business and match your filter criteria.
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4. Export a list of companies and their owners

You can add all the good matches to your project and get the contact data of their CEO’s, Head of M&A’s and owners.
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See how Inven works
No more detective work or endless Google searches. Inven makes it easy to find companies based on what they actually do, with all the relevant data points and insights.
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Our tech
Cutting-Edge AI solution
Inven’s AI algorithms and NLP solutions analyzes millions of data points from a wide range of sources to give you actionable insights on any niche.











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