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Inven vs. Grata

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  • Intent to sell filter
  • 23M+ most relevant companies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania
  • Affordable plans for smaller businesses
We guarantee Inven discovers what others miss.
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Inven vs. Grata



23M+ most relevant companies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania

Database consists of 10M+ companies. Their website does not specify the countries these companies are based in.

Financial Data

Financial data with over 43M+ legal entities including data such as revenue, EBIT and balance sheet data.

Unknown, not specified on their website.

Middle-market company coverage

Lower middle-market and middle-market companies internationally (US, Canada, South America, Europe, Oceania)

Lower middle-market and middle-market companies (data not available on which countries)

Ownership Data

Filter PE-backed companies, family-owned companies, publicly listed companies.

Filter PE-backed companies, publicly listed companies, bootstrapped companies.

Search quality

Identifies companies based on your written description. AI screener goes through all relevant companies that match your written instruction. No need to rely on industry codes or keywords.

Search with keywords and example companies

Contact Data

Verified contact data on 430M+ professionals with a focus on titles such as CEO, Founder, Owner, Head of M&A and CFO.

7M contacts focused on executives: founders and owners.

Search by location

Search companies headquartered in any specific country, state or city – internationally.

City and state searches are limited to US-based companies. Others can only be searched by country.

Intent to sell filter

Find companies in your desired niche that are likely looking to sell.

Not available.

Revenue estimates

Buyers list building capability


Dedicated Customer Support

24/7 Support Phone Number


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International company coverage




Customer service

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millions of data points

Find what you would otherwise miss

With Inven you'll find companies and their data 10x faster. Using just a single example company, Inven will give you a list of all the relevant companies out there with proprietary data points.
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advanced filters

Filter companies based on their ownership

Our AI analyses millions of websites and datapoints so that you don't need to. The search results can be filtered based on various criteria, such as:
  • Ownership type: Public, Private, Private equity-backed, Family owned
  • M&A activity
  • Intent to sell
  • Founded year
  • Revenue estimates
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Mock up image of Inven software UI
Mock up image of Inven software UI


Get verified contact data

With Inven you get access to verified contact data on 430M+ professionals with a focus on titles such as CEO, Founder, Owner, Head of M&A, CFO etc. This way you find the right people to talk to right away.
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Here's some requently asked questions
Do you have questions? We are here to help.
What is Inven?
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Inven is an intelligent company data platform that harnesses AI to help M&A professionals, PE companies and Investment bankers find acquisition targets, add-on companies or competitors. By using our AI, you can easily find relevant companies just by searching with a single example company.
How does the software work?
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Our AI-powered software scans millions of websites to find companies similar to your search criteria. It gathers headcount information, contact data, and other data points to provide a comprehensive view of the matching companies. This saves you countless hours of manual desktop research so you can focus on analyzing information and making informed decisions.
What datapoints do you have?
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With Inven you'll find all the relevant companies, their descriptions, headcount, industry, ownership type and contact data - and a lot more!
Is the contact data verified?
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All our contact data is verified and validated to ensure maximum deliverability. We have verified contact data on 430M+ professionals with a focus on titles such as CEO, Founder, Owner, Head of M&A and CFO.
Where does the data come from?
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Inven uses the most granular and up-to-date data available. We use data from company websites, official government registers, news articles, blogs, social media and many other sources. Our database consists millions of data points world-wide that are combined and enriched with AI.
Do you provide financial data?
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Indeed, we do. Our comprehensive database includes financial information from over 43 million legal entities across key European markets (UK, DE, FR, NL, BE, DK, IR, IT, LU). We're striving to be your one-stop-shop for all data you might need in your M&A search. For those seeking information on U.S companies - fear not! With Inven, it's easy to find comparable companies. This means you can make educated estimates of their financials using our Europe data. And that's one step closer to conquering the world of data!
See how Inven works
No more detective work or endless Google searches. Inven makes it easy to find companies based on what they actually do, with all the relevant data points and insights.
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Our tech
Cutting-Edge AI solution
Inven’s AI algorithms and NLP solutions analyzes millions of data points from a wide range of sources to give you actionable insights on any niche.









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Why our customers chose us

Using Inven gives us a significant competitive advantage. We can identify and target relevant companies without needing a dedicated research team, which saves us time and resources.

Bryce RichardsonBlack and green person-icon
Bryce Richardson
Founder at Basin Lake Capital

There are a lot of companies that Inven has which other platforms don't. The same search with Inven brought a vast number of companies that softwares like Grata missed.

Craig McNallyBlack and green person-icon
Craig McNally
Managing Partner at Desert Horizon Capital

I'm very impressed with Inven's offerings and currently consider Inven as the market leader in terms of performance.

 PartnerBlack and green person-icon
German Investment Bank

Inven is a great instrument for target search. It significantly enhances the efficiency of identifying potential targets and facilitates a rapid comprehension of relevant market landscapes. Utilizing Inven allows us to increase our productivity and create more value to our clients.

Moritz MehlmannBlack and green person-icon
Moritz Mehlmann
Consultant at ISP Healthcare

We were able to add roughly 50 potential buyers, both strategic and financial, to our list using Inven. The AI-driven search in Inven was pivotal in refining our buyer list, making the process more targeted and efficient.

Kirk MichieBlack and green person-icon
Kirk Michie
Managing Partner at Candor Advisors

Inven's AI-enabled search has expanded what our team can do. Not only do we feel confident that we are looking at the majority of relevant M&A targets, but it also does the heavy lifting for us. One person can now do in a day, what used to take our team three days.

Christian RockBlack and green person-icon
Christian Rock
Vice President at Gateway Partners

Inven has been an invaluable asset for our deal sourcing efforts. With its comprehensive database and advanced search capabilities, we’ve been able to quickly identify promising middle-market companies and build a strong pipeline of potential deals.

Stuart RoblesBlack and green person-icon
Stuart Robles
Partner at Briggs Capital

Inven has become my most valuable tool when searching for strategic buyers and acquisition targets. What used to take an analyst hours to compile can now be completed in minutes. I now use it on virtually every project.

Aaron LinnebachBlack and green person-icon
Aaron Linnebach
Managing Director at Raincatcher

We just started using Inven, and it has proven to be a game changer for our deal sourcing efforts. Inven has reduced the complexity and time needed to build lists of buyers/sellers and potential add-on targets which has increased our effectiveness and productivity.

Marjory LoebeBlack and green person-icon
Marjory Loebe
Program Manager at GaP Advisors

With Inven's company data platform, we are finding companies that others have overlooked and are making connections that we couldn't have made otherwise. We have also been able to increase our volume and outreach personalization.

Diliana DimitrovaBlack and green person-icon
Diliana Dimitrova
Founder and CEO at Avalerian Capital
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