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Use Inven to find companies more efficiently. Transform your manual desktop research with AI and spend your time doing what matters most.
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Source more deals faster

Identify the best middle market opportunities with the actionable insights and accurate company lists.

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Find all the relevant players in any niche with the most important data points - all in one place.
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Connect with the owners

Get access to the world’s leading contact data with a few clicks - spend less time searching and more time connecting.
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How it works
Let our AI browse all websites for you
All you need is 1-2 example companies. The AI will scan the internet to find all relevant companies and give you a list with the key data points. Never miss a potential opportunity again - not even in a hurry!
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No more detective work or endless Google searches. Inven makes it easy to find companies based on what they actually do, with all the relevant data points and insights.
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Built for ambitious professionals
Whether you're seeking acquisition targets, potential buyers, or simply want to gain a quick understanding of a particular industry, Inven provides a fast and intelligent way to find relevant companies operating in any niche.
Inven can help you find more deals and synergistic acquisition targets by identifying the companies with the highest potential. Our model streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.
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Why our customers chose us

Inven has become my most valuable tool when searching for strategic buyers and acquisition targets. What used to take an analyst hours to compile can now be completed in minutes. I now use it on virtually every project.

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Aaron Linnebach
Managing Director at Raincatcher

At Simon-Kucher & Partners I can always check Inven to find relevant companies. It makes it faster to understand relevant markets, which helps creating more value to our clients.

Stefan SöderströmBlack and green person-icon
Stefan Söderström
Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners

We’ve used a variety of data providers over the years that are more misses than hits in getting us the specific targets we need. Inven platform has been a game changer in helping us quickly find targets eliminating hours of work.

Michael GravelBlack and green person-icon
Michael Gravel
Managing Director at iMerge Advisors

I have used Inven in many projects and the software is able to find companies that I would otherwise have missed. It's accurate and saves a lot of time that would be wasted sifting through off-target companies.

Adam BorstBlack and green person-icon
Adam Borst
Vice President at Vista Business Group

I use Inven in pitches and M&A scans to identify relevant sell/buy-side targets. The solution saves me massive amounts of time!

Jack TelfordBlack and green person-icon
Jack Telford
Founder at Ascent M&A Consulting
Our tech
Cutting-Edge AI solution
Inven’s AI algorithms and NLP solutions analyzes millions of data points from a wide range of sources to give you actionable insights on any niche.









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