The HVAC market in the US is expected to generate a revenue of $280.1 billion by 2028. In this report we present 100 small, medium, and large privately owned HVAC companies from the US that you should know about.

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Discover the leading privately-owned HVAC companies in the United States through our exclusive company report. Designed specifically for M&A and financial professionals, this report delves into the robust and growing HVAC industry, highlighting companies with significant potential for investment and growth.

What makes the HVAC industry so interesting?

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) market in the United States continues to exhibit robust growth, with projected revenues poised to exceed $280.1 billion by 2028.  This report explores 100 privately owned commercial HVAC companies, offering valuable insights for private equity investors and investment bankers seeking lucrative opportunities within this essential industry.

The HVAC industry is a cornerstone of commercial and residential infrastructure, projected to reach huge growth due to the climate change. With increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability, top HVAC companies are poised for unprecedented growth. This report provides a strategic overview of the market dynamics, technological innovations, and regulatory impacts driving this sector forward

What's included in the report?

This report by Inven introduces 100 privately owned commercial HVAC companies, ranging from small lesser-known players to larget more well-known companies. We guarantee you'll find some new ones you haven't explored yet! 

You'll get:

  • 100 privately owned commercial HVAC companies listed
  • Their headcount, headquarters, website and LinkedIn
  • A brief introduction to each

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