Premier 28: Exceptional Chemical Processing Plants Globally

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Top 28 Chemical Processing Plants Main

Premier 28: Exceptional Chemical Processing Plants Globally

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Top 28 Chemical Processing Plants Main
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The chemical processing industry is a diverse and evolving sector that encompasses a range of different companies engaging in the production and manufacturing of various chemical compounds. These companies operate by utilizing chemical reactions and processes to alter raw materials into valuable, everyday products. Some of these range from polymers and textiles to solvents and other chemical substances. The industry is continually advancing, with an increased focus on sustainability, safety practices and state-of-the-art solutions. This forward momentum is expected to drive an evolution in technology and new methods of processing, aligning with the global trend towards cleaner, greener industrial practices.

Top 28 Chemical Processing Plants

1. SOCAR Polymer

SOCAR Polymer is a company that specializes in the production of Polypropylene (PP) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in Azerbaijan. Their products are used in various industries such as gas/sewage/water piping, packaging, textiles, stationery, automotive components, and medical devices.

2. ERCO Worldwide

ERCO Worldwide is a global manufacturing company that specializes in providing state-of-the-art solutions in the chemical industry. With a focus on safety and sustainability, ERCO offers a range of products including caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, potassium hydroxide, sodium chlorate, and sodium chlorite. Their expertise extends to engineering services, advanced process controls, and water treatment solutions. With a rich history spanning over 125 years, ERCO is committed to delivering superior goods and value-added services to various industries.

3. Dalal Engineering Private Limited

Dalal Engineering is a 66-year-old company specializing in the design and manufacture of proprietary process equipment for various industrial applications. They offer a range of products including textile dyeing machinery, chemical processing equipment, solvent recovery plants, and finishing machines. With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Dalal Engineering has established itself as a reliable provider in the industry.

4. Arabian Amines Company

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Jubail Industrial City, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
  • Founded: 2008
  • Headcount: 51-200
  • LinkedIn

Aminat is a company specializing in the production and distribution of chemicals, particularly ethyleneamines and their blends and derivatives. They have established a joint venture with The Huntsman Corporation to build and operate a world-scale facility in Al-Jubail Industrial City. Aminat offers a wide range of products and services in the field of ethyleneamines.

5. Techno Designs

Techno Designs India is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of plants and equipment for various industries including mineral, paint, resin, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. They offer a wide range of products and services such as batch ball mills, continuous ball mills, rotary vacuum dryers, twin shaft dispersers, and more.

6. Sunkaier Industrial Technology CO., LTD.

SUNKAIER is a chemical equipment manufacturer offering complete chemical process solutions for various industries including but not limited to chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and energy. Their offerings include mixing agitators, reactors, polymer processing equipment, chemical separation equipment, heat exchangers, and more.

7. Raj Process Equipments And Systems Pvt

Raj Process Equipment is a process equipment manufacturing company specialized in providing turnkey plants for chemical, distillery, detergent, starch and starch derivatives, guar gum, and zero liquid discharge plant.

8. HERPASA (Inoxilos, S.L.)

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Castellbisbal, Barcelona, Spain
  • Founded: 1974
  • Headcount: 51-200
  • LinkedIn

Herpasa is a leading company specializing in the manufacture of tanks in stainless steel. With 3167 installations, they offer tanks, processing plants, and turnkey projects. They excel in providing bulk liquid storage solutions in Punta Langosteira, Spain.

9. Gas Processing Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Gas Processing Equipment is a company based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. They specialize in the design, manufacture, and supply of process equipment for various industries. Their product range includes dehydration and purification plants, conditioning skids, heat exchangers, filters, separators, and modular process plants. They provide comprehensive solutions for gas processing and offer services such as operations and maintenance, process engineering, and detailed engineering.

10. Superior Coatings

Superior Coatings LLC is a company specializing in industrial and decorative coatings for various markets including food service, processing plants, manufacturing plants, educational institutions, restaurants, hospitals, waste processing facilities, and utility plants. With over 60 years of experience, they offer services such as tank linings, sandblasting, corrosion control, concrete restoration, waterproofing, and industrial painting.

11. Wahal Engineers

Wahal Engineers is a company that offers engineering solutions for various industries. They specialize in designing and manufacturing equipment for processes such as mixing, dispersing, and grinding. With their expertise and experience, they provide high-quality and efficient solutions to meet their clients' specific requirements.

12. World Cooling Towers

World Cooling Towers is a Coimbatore-based company that manufactures and supplies high-quality, energy-efficient, and durable FRP cooling towers for a variety of industries and applications.

13. ChemTreat

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Glen Allen, Virginia, United States
  • Founded: 1968
  • Headcount: 1001-5000
  • Latest funding type: Acquired
  • LinkedIn

ChemTreat, Inc. is an industrial water treatment company that offers a range of solutions and services to improve operating efficiency, protect equipment assets, and meet environmental goals. With deep industry-specific expertise, they address the unique challenges faced by businesses in various industries. Their offerings include on-line filler cleaner technology, smart release solid cooling treatment, intelligent water management, and condenser performance monitoring.

14. Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc.

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Founded: 1919
  • Headcount: 501-1000
  • LinkedIn is a company specializing in sulfur chemistry and offering solutions for the separation and recovery of precious and base metals. They also provide industrial applications such as food processing, water treatment, and tanning.

15. Roeslein & Associates

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
  • Founded: 1990
  • Headcount: 1001-5000
  • LinkedIn

Roeslein is a global engineering and construction company that specializes in providing modular solutions for industrial manufacturing projects. With expertise in engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction, Roeslein offers comprehensive project execution services to clients worldwide.

16. SBW Electro-Mechanics Import & Export Corporation

SBW-Turbo is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial pumps, compressors, and blowers. Their products are used in various industries such as mining, power generation, chemical, and environmental protection.

17. CIC Holdings PLC

CIC Holdings PLC is a leading conglomerate in Sri Lanka, with diverse ventures in agriculture, chemicals, medicine, and household products. With a strong ethical framework and a focus on growth, CIC is well-known among Sri Lankans. The company has expanded its presence internationally, capitalizing on its local strength.

18. GRADE Refrigeration

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Industrial Area No. 15, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Founded: 2006
  • Headcount: 501-1000
  • LinkedIn

GRADE Refrigeration LLC is a leading global group in Industrial Refrigeration, offering innovative components and systems for customers who rely on refrigeration for their primary processes. They design, engineer, install, and maintain refrigeration solutions, without compromising on technology. GEA BluAstrum provides an economical entry into the GEA Blu chiller family. They are committed to excellence and continuous innovation in their products.

19. Hazara Phosphate ( Pak-American) Fertilizers (Pvt.) Limited is an online platform providing information about sulphuric acid manufacturing, offering publications and resources for the industry.

20. Royal Chemical

Royal Chemical is an experienced chemical manufacturer offering comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for various industries. They specialize in blending and packaging solutions for industrial and institutional cleaning products, as well as janitorial and household cleaning products. With strategically located plants and industry-leading experts, they provide reliable chemical manufacturing and distribution services to help businesses scale.

21. Hi-Tech Industrial Services Inc.

Hi-Tech Industrial is a worldwide leader in refractory and corrosion protection services, offering exceptional performance and reliability. They specialize in the installation of refractory and corrosion solutions. Their focus on employee education and oversight ensures a safe and healthy work environment.

22. Ssp Pvt Limited

SSP Private Limited is a process engineering company that offers a wide range of projects, equipment, and innovative process solutions for the Food, Dairy, Beverages, and Chemical Industries. With advanced technology and a deep understanding of customer needs, SSP provides comprehensive solutions for various industries.

23. Oberlin Filter Company USA

Oberlin Filter is a company specializing in filtration technology. They offer a range of filtration products and services, including coolant filtration, hot oil filtration, phosphate bath filtration, sulfur recovery, and wastewater treatment. With their expertise and innovative solutions, Oberlin Filter helps industries achieve clean liquids and dry solids through their automated filtration systems.

24. CJB Industries, Inc.

CJB Industries is a company that specializes in customized solutions for chemical manufacturing and packaging. With a talented team of engineers and PhDs, they offer innovative solutions for businesses looking to produce their products on a commercial scale. They provide quality results and aim to establish lasting partnerships with their clients.

25. RPS Composites, Inc.

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Mobile, Alabama, United States
  • Founded: 1956
  • Headcount: 51-200
  • Latest funding type: Acquired
  • LinkedIn

RPS Composites is a technology leader in manufacturing and servicing high-performance corrosion resistant tanks, vessels, and piping systems. They offer a wide range of products including Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and dual laminate solutions for industrial customers who need to transport, store or process corrosive fluids.

26. Putman Media

Putman Media is a B2B information publisher that serves the manufacturing industry. They provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence to engineering, operations, and management professionals in various manufacturing markets, including chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and asset reliability. They offer integrated marketing services, lead generation, content development, event marketing, and branding to help companies succeed. With a loyal and engaged audience, Putman Media has been a trusted source for over 80 years.

27. Applied Chemical Technology

Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) is a company specializing in process automation and engineering. They offer a wide range of equipment and fabrication services for industries such as petroleum, chemicals, polymer, biomass, and coal. Their expertise lies in developing coatings processes, designing fluid bed systems, fabricating tanks and reactors, and providing testing and laboratory services for granulation and agglomeration products. ACT also offers automation systems to ensure precise control and consistent product quality. With decades of experience and a commitment to reliability, accuracy, and safety, ACT is a trusted partner for industrial production plants.

28. Complex Quimica

Complex Quimica is a chemical manufacturing company that provides analytical capabilities, production capabilities, custom and toll equipment, as well as reactions and raw materials. They cater to various markets and have a quality system in place. With multiple plant sites and offices, they prioritize safety, security, health, and environmental measures.

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