Best 21 Powder Coating Businesses in Maryland

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Top 21 powder coating companies in Maryland Main

Best 21 Powder Coating Businesses in Maryland

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Top 21 powder coating companies in Maryland Main
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The powder coating industry in Maryland includes a variety of companies specializing in granting enhanced aesthetics, protection and durability to various products. This sector takes pride in offering services that stretch across electronics, furniture, railings, auto parts with high resistance to fading, chipping and scratching. The coating processes are optimized to meet consumer and industrial needs across Maryland and neighboring regions. As the industry progresses, these enterprises focus on continuous enhancement in their services and finishes, helping to maintain their reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

Top 21 powder coating companies in Maryland

1. High Tech Powder Coating

High Tech Powder Coating is a professional powder coating and sandblasting company located in Boonsboro, MD. They offer quality and durable powder coating services for electronics, railings, furniture, auto parts, and more. They also specialize in sandblasting to remove rust and corrosion from metal surfaces, leaving a smooth and shiny finish.

2. Right A Way Powder Coating

Right A Way Powder Coating is a custom powder coating company offering scratch, chip & fade-resistant coatings for everything metal. They offer solutions for consumer or industrial applications in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

3. Advanced Industrial Finishes

Established in 1999, AFI Powder Coating has been Central Maryland's premier custom powder coating and finishing shop for the region's top manufacturers and fabricators. We have recently changed our corporate name to Advanced Industrial Finishes to better reflect the range of services we provide, beyond just powder coating. We are constantly striving to add services and finishes that can add value for our customers. While our facility and services have grown over the years, our commitment to quality, fast turnaround and total customer satisfaction has not changed. Our spacious facility and large capacity production line can handle parts up to 23' long and we can accommodate production runs ranging in size from 1 part to 10,000.

4. Fabpro Technologies Inc.

Fabpro Technologies is a precision metal fabrication company specializing in CNC milling and sheet metal fabrication. They offer a wide range of capabilities including welding, robotic welding, assembly, painting, powder coating, and hardware installation. With a mission to bring engineering to life, they provide high-quality products and services to their customers.

5. Nyquist

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Headcount: 11-50

Nyquist Inc is a company offering a range of products and services such as automotive fleet, industrial wood finish, aerospace powder coating, and architectural services.

6. Active Minerals International

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Sparks, Maryland, United States
  • Founded: 1964
  • Headcount: 201-500
  • Latest funding type: Acquired
  • LinkedIn

Acti-Min is a company that offers EPA approved and OMRI listed pesticide products. They provide agricultural crop protectants to control damage from insects, mites, and disease pests. Their products also help reduce environmental stresses caused by sunburn and heat stress.

7. Mil Spec Painting

Mil-Spec Painting is a company offering military painting and finishing services, including application of various primers and paints, powder coating, sand blasting and anodize types. They specialize in finishing complex products and military machinery for government and commercial customers since 1995.

8. Diversified Coatings

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Frederick, Maryland, United States
  • Headcount: 1-10

Our mission is to provide high quality industrial and military coating, painting and finishing services at competitive prices. We deliver on your schedule. Initially, we built our business around EMI/RFI shielding. Within a few months we were receiving many referrals from satisfied customers. There was a great demand not only in shielding but also for cosmetic finishes, flexible and hi-temp coatings. We added powder coating services in 1996. We specialize in short runs and full production quantity with quick delivery on parts that require strict attention to detail. We have a very effective quality management system. The owners are both hands on and accessible. When you call Diversified Coatings, you will be speaking with one of the owners, David Lagarde or Dwayne Henson. We have a vested interest in your total satisfaction. If you have an unusual request, need a quick turn or have emergency delivery requirements, we are here for you. We have an impressive list of references available upon request. Our repeat customers include major aerospace, industrial and commercial companies as well as government, military and DOD agencies. We are conveniently located.

9. Titan Steel Corporation

Titan Steel Corporation is a third-generation family-owned and family-run business that has been supporting manufacturers since 1946. They specialize in metal packaging, food and industrial cans, automotive products, electronics, construction products, household goods, and office products.

10. Sonco Pipe & Tube

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Capitol Heights, Maryland, United States
  • Founded: 1976
  • Headcount: 51-200
  • LinkedIn

Sonco Tube is a company that offers galvanized steel poles for satellites. They provide triple coated galvanized steel tubing that is used for various purposes such as conveyor systems and greenhouse structures. They also offer a range of pipe, valves, and fittings. Sonco Tube serves customers in different industries and territories.

11. Wingard & Company, Inc.

Wingard & Company is a manufacturer of low-medium volume and prototype precision laminations and assemblies for motors, transformers, and generators. They offer services such as custom annealing, laser cutting, magnetic testing, metal stampings, and powder coating.

12. Bindagraphics, Inc.

Bindagraphics is a leading provider of high-quality custom finishing services in the graphic arts industry. With a team of nearly 100 dedicated professionals, Bindagraphics offers a wide range of post-press solutions including diecutting, foil stamping, embossing, film laminating, UV coating, and more. The company's commitment to excellence is reflected in its ISO 9001:2008 certification and its continual investment in the latest technology.

13. Marlin Steel Wire Products

Marlin Steel manufactures custom metal wire products and sheet metal fabrication for various industries including medical/pharma, telecom, automotive, aerospace, and food processing.

14. A&A Powder Coating

A&A Powder Coating is a professional powder coating company with over 30 years of experience. They offer high-quality powder coating services to the Mid-Atlantic region to meet their customer's specifications.

15. Bull Steel

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Forest Hill, Maryland, United States
  • Founded: 1999
  • Headcount: 11-50
  • LinkedIn

Bull Steel is America’s largest sign frame manufacturer offering a wide selection of metal real estate sign frames, yard stakes, A frames, banjo frames, h frames, sidewalk sign frames, curb sign frames, sign stakes and t bar stakes.

16. EDCO Fabrication

EDCO Fabrication specializes in providing full-service fabrication solutions such as Laser Cutting, Forming, Welding, Powder Coating and CNC Machining. They provide services to a wide range of customers from international product providers to regional manufacturers to local companies.

17. Electrical Systems Integrator, L.L.C.

eSI Emtech is an electrical systems integrator that delivers state-of-the-art technology to simplify design and improve the lives of its clients.

18. Walpanel Inc

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Elkridge, Maryland, United States
  • Founded: 2015
  • Headcount: 11-50
  • LinkedIn

Walpanel Inc. is a Maryland-based corporation that provides new construction cladding materials to improve thermal efficiency, on-site material waste, prefabrication, and modular installation. Their textured and colored façade panels offer architects and builders a versatile and creative solution for both commercial and residential construction projects.

19. Flynn Architectural Finishes, Inc.

Flynn Finishes is a company based in Silver Spring, MD that specializes in providing finishing and refinishing services for surfaces such as wood, metal, and plastic.

20. REFF Services

REFF Services is a commercial and industrial painting, power washing, sandblasting, and epoxy company based in Baltimore, Maryland.

21. EASE Painting and Construction, Inc.

EASE Painting and Construction is a certified Hub Zone, Woman Owned and operated company that specializes and self performs Industrial, Commercial and Marine preservation. EASE provides a wide range of services that include Tank Preservations, Tank Linings repairs, Tank Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, High Performance Chemical Resistant Coatings, Application of high-heat coating, Deck Preservation and all types of Abrasive Blasting to concrete and steel surfaces. EASE Inc. has successfully completed every contract regardless its level of difficulty. We take pride in our ability to complete our projects on time, on budget and according to the contract specifications.

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