Top-tier 21 Maryland Desalination Companies

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Top 21 desalination companies in Maryland Main

Top-tier 21 Maryland Desalination Companies

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Top 21 desalination companies in Maryland Main
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The desalination industry in Maryland is a thriving one. A growing number of companies are harnessing advanced technology to deliver clean, drinkable water, playing a significant role in mitigating water scarcity. These companies offer various storefront and online services, which include water disinfection, filtration systems, preventive maintenance, and water-quality testing. By focusing on innovations such as reverse osmosis and air filtration, they ensure the provision of pure water for residential and corporate use. With climate changes and population growth, the industry is likely to expand as demand for fresh water continues to escalate.

Top 21 desalination companies in Maryland

1. Neu-ion

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Founded: 1991
  • Headcount: 11-50
  • LinkedIn

Neu-Ion is a reliable provider of high purity water solutions since 1991. They offer a wide range of services including preventive maintenance, design, engineering, sanitization, and water testing & analysis.

2. Sharp Water Culligan

Culligan Mid-Atlantic offers a wide array of products, including whole home water filters, water softeners, and drinking water solutions, providing safe, great tasting, high-quality water to homes.

3. Rainsoft Distributors

Rainsoft is a water treatment and air filtration company that has been in business since 1953. They offer products such as reverse osmosis systems and air purification equipment aimed to provide crystal clear drinking water and clean air to homes and businesses.

4. Culligan Mechanicsburg

Culligan Mechanicsburg offers water treatment solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They provide comprehensive water tests, water softeners, drinking water systems, whole house water filters, bottled water, rental options, well water solutions, and business water purifiers.

5. Peninsula Water Conditioning

Peninsula Water Conditioning offers its customers an Exchange Tank Service because nothing beats the ease or convenience of this type of system. The Exchange Tank Service is the environmentally superior way to treat for acidic water, iron, hardness and sulfur. This service provides the same benefits as ""automatic"" type equipment but uses no salt in the home. Rather, regeneration takes place at our facility and monitored by trained technicians. An initial water test will determine the type and quantity of tanks needed to last you 4 weeks. Our driver will simply exchange the exhausted tanks for fully regenerated tanks every 28 days. You will be placed on a route that runs every 28 days and be given a calendar for the year with all delivery dates noted. You just need to provide access on these days. Our customers love this service. The tanks require no electricity or drain because the regeneration is done at our facility. One monthly fee ensures you have great water and never do any of the work.

6. HydroMax Inc.

Hydromax Inc. provides solutions for commercial and industrial ultra-pure water purification. Their systems are designed to meet any ASTM, CAP, USP or Electronics grade water standard or a custom design specification.

7. Hague Quality Water of Maryland, Inc.

Hague Quality Water of Maryland is a leading provider of home water filtration systems. With a focus on delivering high-quality and reliable products, they offer a range of solutions to improve the quality of drinking water in residential properties.

8. Mid-Atlantic Water Services

Mid-Atlantic Water Services is a family-owned company specializing in water filtration and treatment solutions. We offer a range of products including water softeners, drinking water systems, and specialty water systems. With licensed plumbers and extensive plumbing experience, we provide top-quality service for installation, repair, and maintenance. Our dedicated team is committed to solving water-related issues and ensuring customer satisfaction.

9. National Water Service

National Water Service is a water treatment company that offers a range of products and services to residential and commercial customers. They specialize in water treatment, water quality, and well pumps.

10. Phelps Water Company

Phelps Water Company is a Maryland based water treatment and well repair company that has been providing professional services since 1957. They focus on determining the right water treatment application to fulfill each customer's unique needs.

11. Tri-County Pump Service

Tri-County Pumps is a family-owned and operated plumbing company specializing in well pump systems, water treatment and filtration systems, and septic services in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

12. Carroll Water Systems, Inc.

Carroll Water is an authorized, award-winning EcoWater Dealer that offers water testing, treatment, well drilling, maintenance, and delivery systems. They specialize in addressing common water issues such as acidic water, hard water, iron water, nitrates, PFAS and PFOS, and taste & odor issues. They provide clean, safe, and reliable water for families and businesses.

13. Association of Water Technologies

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland, United States
  • Founded: 1985
  • Headcount: 11-50
  • LinkedIn

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is an international water treatment association representing over 500 companies specializing in applying water treatments for industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems.

14. R & G Water Systems

R&G Water Systems is a water treatment company that eliminates mineral deposits and offers well pump and water treatment system services.

15. Atlantic Blue Water Services

Atlantic Blue Water Services is a reputable company specializing in water treatment and water coolers. They offer a wide range of products and services including water testing, water conditioners, whole house filters, reverse osmosis systems, and specialty filters. With experienced professionals and affiliations with trusted brands, they aim to provide reliable solutions for clean and safe water. Contact them for a free water test and evaluation.

16. RainSoft

RainSoft is a water treatment company that offers water filtration systems, drinking water systems, air purification systems, laundry systems, and problem-solving filters for homes and businesses. They provide free in-home water tests to improve water quality.

17. AMS Air Conditioning and Heating

AMS Air Conditioning & Heating offers energy-efficient HVAC solutions for residential and commercial clients in Maryland and DC. They specialize in heating, cooling, plumbing services, air quality, and water treatment systems.

18. Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Hagerstown, Maryland, United States
  • Founded: 2005
  • Headcount: 1-10
  • LinkedIn

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment™ of Maryland is a local full service well and city water softening and conditioning company specializing in sales, service, maintenance and repair of residential and light commercial water treatment equipment in Central Maryland and the surrounding Tri-State area. We service Culligan®, Ecowater®, Rainsoft®, Kinetico®, and most other brand name systems using Fleck®, Clack®, or Autotrol® control valves commonly installed by local water filtration dealers and plumbing companies. For small initial fee of $60 we will test your water, evaluate your well and pump system and do an honest system evaluation to determine what needs to be done to get the existing equipment you already have operating properly, and if necessary recommend new treatment equipment to permanently solve your water problems.

19. Gallup Well Services, Inc.

GallupWell is a water well services company with expertise in water pump services, well water treatment systems, water pressure tanks, reverse osmosis systems, leak detection, and plumbing repairs.

20. Atlantic Blue Water Center

We are a full-service water treatment company focusing on State Certified water sampling and water analysis for home and businesses. We have been voted Carroll's Best for 17 years running and are members of the Water Quality Association, Better Business Bureau and National Sanitation Foundation.

21. Sterling Quality Water

Since 1992, Sterling Quality Water has provided expertise in water treatment solutions to home owners in Carroll County Maryland and surrounding areas. Our expertise is based on national industry experience and specific training with education on the latest treatment technologies for your homes water. As members of the water quality association we adhere to a code of ethics and integrity as your local water treatment professionals. We believe that all persons should have access to: Cool, Clear, and Refreshing Water, that is, free of harmful containments and impurities, free of odor, clear in color, and economical to use that is available to everyone at a reasonable price. ""We value that our business be conducted on a personal and professional level and to provide honest, expert, and specialized experience to our customers.""

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