Revolutionizing Deal-Sourcing: How Inven Drove Avalerian's 300% Growth in Acquisition Candidates


Avalerian Capital - Fund Specializing in Long-Term Growth of Software and Technology Companies

Avalerian Capital is an entrepreneurial investment firm that acquires high-quality software and technology companies for long-term ownership. The firm specializes in the North American, European, Israeli, Singaporean, and Australian markets, and is specifically interested in B2B SaaS companies with a minimum of $4 million in annual recurring revenue at the time of acquisition.

Diliana Dimitrova, Founder and CEO of Avalerian capital

"At Avalerian, we strive to empower founders to secure their legacy and move on to their next adventure while also enabling the continued growth and success of their businesses for the future. We are often the preferred partner for owners who care about the next phase of their company’s growth, and for those who want to work with a team that can take the business to the next level while maintaining their shared vision and values," shared Diliana Dimitrova, Founder and CEO of Avalerian Capital.

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Efficient and Effective Target Identification and Outreach

As a fund specializing in the B2B SaaS sector, Avalerian seeks to quickly and efficiently identify potential acquisition targets. However, identifying relevant market players in industry niches across international markets has proven to be both time-consuming and challenging, especially in the ever-changing technology environment.

The firm hoped to find a solution that could better streamline its search process and allow the team to identify potential acquisition targets in a more efficient manner. 

“We wanted to find a solution that could help us identify potential targets more easily and expand our outreach through specific company lists and information to develop personalized outreach,” says Diliana.


Inven Revolutionizes Deal Sourcing for Avalerian Capital with 300% More Acquisition Targets

After implementing Inven, Avalerian has been able to better optimize its search process by increasing both the quality and quantity of its acquisition candidates, with an increase in volume of over 300% since beginning usage of Inven. They have identified companies at a faster rate than competitors simply because Inven’s resources are more comprehensive than many traditional deal sourcing tools.  

"Implementing Inven has significantly improved the way we approach our search process. With Inven's company data platform, we are finding companies that others have overlooked and are making connections that we couldn't have made otherwise. We have also been able to increase our volume and outreach personalization," says Diliana, Avalerian’s founder.

Inven has saved Avalerian Capital invaluable time and improved its results, making it an essential tool for its deal-sourcing strategy and operations.

Inven: contact data, revenue, international database

International Database

Avalerian Capital benefits from Inven's comprehensive international database. With Inven, Avalerian has access to an extensive list of companies from around the world, making it easier to identify and evaluate potential targets across the globe.

Finding Companies Based on What They Actually Do

One of the most-used features is the ability to find companies based on their core offering. Inven is especially useful when Avalerian Capital needs to find companies in a specific niche. With just one or two examples, Inven searches and identifies all similar companies based on their websites and other relevant data points. This feature allows Avalerian to perform highly targeted searches, which saves significant time and effort.

Using Projects Feature to Build Potential Target Lists

Avalerian Capital also frequently uses Inven’s Projects feature to build lists of potential acquisition candidates. This feature allows them to easily add companies to a project and export the list as many times as needed. The ability to export unlimited lists allows them to keep track of their progress and maintain an organized record of their potential targets.