We here at Inven have a strong belief in our tool. It is purpose-built to suit exactly what our investment bank, industry M&A and PE customers need. Our mission is to support you finding all the companies, with greater speed and accuracy than before. 

Building customer success

Our customers receive positive ROI from implementing Inven as a part of their process:

"The impact of Inven on our search process has been phenomenal. We now have a secret weapon that empowers us to easily discover target companies and build buyers lists efficiently. The hours we used to spend on manual searches have significantly reduced, allowing us to focus on providing exceptional M&A advisory services to our clients. Inven has truly become an indispensable asset in our arsenal," says Michael Gravel, Managing Partner at iMerge Advisors.

We want our customers to get the most out of Inven and make it as useful as possible. From user experiences to ideas for features, we are eager to hear about them.

Here are seven tips on how to maximize the ROI of Inven.

How to maximize the ROI of Inven:

1. Get the whole team using

Encourage your entire team to add Inven to their workflow as it caters to a variety of tasks. Inven offers personal onboarding and customer success, making it easy for any team member to schedule a meeting for questions or further training. Make sure not to skip the onboarding to get tailored tips on optimizing the tool's value to help you reach your goals.

2. Leverage the AI Screener

AI screener is Inven’s virtual analyst which will save time in assessing search results. The AI algorithm identifies good matches that align with your specified criteria. The advanced AI Screener analyzes the company websites and adds the promising companies to your project. It is also capable of excluding the ones that don't meet your requirements. This feature saves you valuable time and effort.

3. Use categorizer

After launching the AI Screener, our consulting clients requested a feature to categorize all the companies found. We listened, and now our software can do just that! The categorizer is particularly beneficial for market mapping or sorting lists sourced from different tools or software.

4. Use the investor search in your buyers list building

Our investor search is designed for all of you who are looking for potential buyers and building buyers lists. Investor search makes it easy to find private equity and venture capital companies who are active within your niche market.

5. Leverage the Intent to Sell filter

Build lists of companies with owners nearing retirement age. The nearing retirement age can indicate that the owner could be ready to sell in the future. This feature can also be used to find potential clients and leads.

6. Experience our top-tier customer success

If you have questions, reach out to our world-class customer success team, available 24/7. We encourage you to suggest new ideas for development, as we prioritize our customers' wishes with a responsive development team. To get the most out of our customer service, use Inven’s free onboarding sessions to train new team members.

7. Include your own previous company lists

One of the favourite features includes the capability to include  the company lists you’ve built with other softwares in your current Inven project. Import existing projects from CRM or other systems to Inven’s platform so that you can see which companies are already in your projects and which are completely new.

We work closely with our customers to provide you an agile and innovative solution. We keep developing our platform every day, so you can get the most value-adding features. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Co-Founders Niilo Pirttijärvi at niilo@inven.ai, or book a meeting with the customer success team.

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