iMerge Advisors: M&A advisory focusing on the small and midcap software and technology industry

iMerge Advisors is a boutique M&A advisory firm based in Seattle, Washington, specializing in the software and technology industry. They focus on transaction sizes of $3M-$50M. With over 20 years of experience, iMerge Advisors is a trusted partner for clients seeking successful transactions and strategic growth in the software and technology sector.

Michael Gravel, iMerge Advisors
"Here at iMerge Advisors, our expertise lies in offering premium M&A advisory services, with a particular emphasis on the software and technology sectors. Our wealth of deep-seated industry knowledge, combined with strategic insights, allows us to ensure exceptional value at every stage of the transaction process," shares Michael Gravel, Managing Partner at iMerge Advisors.
"Our specialism is not merely about services rendered, but about creating a robust, tailor-made experience that fosters meaningful results."

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Efficient Buyers List Building and Acquistion Target Discovery

iMerge Advisors deals with a high volume of transactions in the $3M to $50M range. To improve efficiency, they sought ways to streamline their processes for target identification and buyer list creation. They had three focus areas where they wanted to improve: 

1. Building a list of buyers efficiently

First, for sell-side projects, they needed an efficient method to build good quality buyers lists within a specific niche. This involved identifying potential buyers in the tech and software industry, including private equity firms active in the industry.

2. Finding all relevant buy-side acquisition targets

Second, they wanted to make sure they always find all targets globally that aligns perfectly with their clients’ needs. For this they wanted to find a software that could support the process: make it more efficient and help them to make sure they are finding what others are missing. 

3. Find businesses ready to sell

Further, iMerge Advisors hoped to find a solution that could also help them generate more deal flow by identifying potential clients who are ready to sell their business and seeking for a partner.


From Time Drain to Time Gain: Inven Empowers iMerge Advisors with 8x Faster Company Identification

iMerge Advisors started using Inven which proved to be a game-changer in their quest for finding relevant companies while maintaining efficiency and gaining time savings. By leveraging Inven's AI-powered database, they’ve been able to do in one hour what would take 8 hours previously.  That is to locate companies, contacts and have AI review the results without having to manually evaluate each for accuracy. 

Finding what others are missing

With Inven's advanced search capabilities, iMerge Advisors quickly found targets and companies ready to sell within their specific software and technology niche. What used to be a time-consuming process transformed into a seamless and efficient journey, eliminating countless hours of manual work. Even better, they were able to identify targets that they would not have found otherwise.

Efficient Buyers List Creation

Inven's powerful platform enabled iMerge Advisors to build buyers lists with precision and ease. Typically, buyers in the technology and software industry operate globally, and finding all relevant players through traditional methods requires considerable effort. With Inven iMerge Advisors have been able to identify both strategic buyers and private equity firms actively seeking acquisition opportunities in specific niches.

"The impact of Inven on our search process has been phenomenal. We now have a secret weapon that empowers us to easily discover target companies and build buyers lists efficiently. The hours we used to spend on manual searches have significantly reduced, allowing us to focus on providing exceptional M&A advisory services to our clients. Inven has truly become an indispensable asset in our arsenal," says Michael Gravel, Managing Partner at iMerge Advisors.

With Inven, iMerge Advisors not only saved valuable time but also made sure they are not leaving any option unexplored.

Inven software overview


iMerge Advisors' Secret to Success in Niche Company Searches and Buyer List Compilation

Discover Small and Mid-sized Companies Across Any Niche

Inven serves as the ultimate solution for iMerge Advisors, efficiently finding small and mid-sized companies within their niche. With coverage of over 12 million companies worldwide, Inven empowers iMerge Advisors to identify the perfect companies within their specific niche, regardless of their location. This comprehensive database ensures no potential target goes unnoticed, enabling iMerge Advisors to deliver exceptional results to their clients.

Effortless Identification of Private Equity-Backed Companies

Inven proves invaluable for building buyers lists in sell-side projects. Its advanced filtering capabilities allow iMerge Advisors to easily identify private equity-backed companies in the tech space. With access to crucial information about the private equity firms backing these companies, iMerge Advisors gains a distinct advantage in their buyer list creation process. This feature ensures their clients are connected with potential buyers possessing the necessary financial resources and strategic intent to buy.

Revolutionizing Company Search without Industry Codes

Inven revolutionizes the way iMerge Advisors searches for companies by eliminating reliance on traditional industry codes. Instead, Inven analyzes the information mentioned on companies' websites. By simply starting with a single example company, iMerge Advisors can effortlessly uncover all relevant companies, even in highly specialized niches. This does not only save valuable time but also ensures that no potential target goes unnoticed. With Inven, iMerge Advisors can explore the full spectrum of possibilities without any targets slipping through the cracks.

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  • Financials: What is the financial performance of these companies?
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