Introducing Inven's latest feature: Investor Search

We are thrilled to showcase Inven's latest feature, tailored specifically for those on the lookout for potential buyers: the Investor Search. This is for all you professionals building buyers lists and seeking active private equity and venture capital firms in your desired market niche. With Investor Search, the process of identifying the right buyers for your deal is now more streamlined and efficient than ever.

Investor Search helps you find buyers

Investor Search is engineered to cater to your specific needs in finding potential buyers. Here’s how you can leverage its capabilities:

1. Investor type selection

Choose between private equity firms, venture capital firms, or both. This allows you to tailor your search according to the kind of investment your deal requires.

2. Investor location filtering

Zero in on buyers based on their geographical preferences. Whether you're looking for local, regional, or global investors, this feature helps you find those best aligned with your criteria.

3. Portfolio company matching

Connect with firms that have already invested in your sector. This feature is invaluable as it lets you identify investors who understand your market and are more likely to see the potential in similar opportunities.

4. Portfolio company location insights

Discover investors with a demonstrated preference for companies in specific regions. This aspect of the tool is particularly useful for tailoring your search to investors who have a history of investing and acquiring companies in certain geographical areas.

Helping you in your search for buyers

Inven's Investor Search simplifies the task of identifying potential buyers, focusing on connecting you with investors genuinely interested in and actively searching for opportunities in your specific field. Inven's database has over 23 million companies globally and of these there is close to 70 000 investors with historical funding data.

Make your buyer search more efficient

By integrating Inven's Investor Search into your arsenal, you can significantly reduce the time it takes you to find private equity or VC buyers. You'll have the capability to:

  • Efficiently create tailored lists of potential buyers.
  • Gain insights into the investment patterns of top players in your market.
  • Explore opportunities with investors who are actively seeking new ventures.
  • Enhance your strategies with targeted, data-driven investor outreach

Getting started with Investor Search

Getting started with Inven's Investor Search is easy. It's designed for everyone in the M&A world, from buy-side and sell-side investment bankers to business development pros and private equity experts. Our aim? To streamline your company research by seamlessly linking companies with their key data points. It is all about enhancing your efficiency and simplifying your workflow.

Curious to see Investor Search in action? Just click here to get started. Plus, with Investor Search, you'll gain full access to all of Inven's features, including our advanced company search capabilities. It's your one-stop shop for smarter, smoother company research.