We exist to realize the power of AI in the company data industry

We are a globally operating AI company that develops B2B SaaS solutions for M&A, Private Equity, and Management Consulting professionals as well as for key corporate decision makers. Our key source of value creation is based on our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning models that enable us to leverage vast amounts unstructured data sources at scale.


Helsinki, Finland

Funding stage

VC backed Seed stage



Meet our core team

Ekku Jokinen


Tommi Kupiainen


Niilo Pirttijärvi


Harshit Sharma

ML Engineer

Leevi Kaunisto

Data scientist

Vasumathi Neralla

AI Scientist

Sakari Vaelma


Our story

Solving the problem we ran into on a daily basis

Prior to this startup, while we (the founding team) were working in M&A advisories, private equity companies, and consultancies, we were constantly facing the same problem - finding relevant companies is difficult, time consuming and also boring.  

We realized that the problem was mainly caused by limited data and outdated technology of the current tools (mainly financial databases). Because of this we decided to create a product that leverages the largest source of information, the internet, and the latest AI and ML models to find companies and make superior analyses.

Currently we are serving many leading companies in the industry such as Simon-Kucher & Partners, Axcel, Visma, and Armatori Corporate Finance. At the same time we are also developing our models even better to enable even better insights to our customers.

Our Values

The guidelines that drive our daily progress

1. Superior customer service - We always try to deliver the best service to our customers

2. Passion - Passion to solve problems in a team and to create something new

3. Being a startup - We want to maintain flat hierarchy and focus on things that matter the most

4. Growth attitude - Growth attitude both in people and strategy fuels our daily and long-term progress

5. Think big - We always keep the big picture and potential long-term opportunities in mind