GaP Advisors: Investment bank focusing on lower-middle market and middle-market companies

Gilbert & Pardue (GaP) Advisors is a Houston-based boutique investment bank that offers M&A advisory and brokerage to lower-middle and middle-market companies. They are focused across a wide variety of industries.

GaP's mission is to provide better representation that consistently leads to better results. With one of the lowest client-to-broker ratios in the industry, every engagement receives the "A-team," ensuring that GaP delivers on its promises to clients with discipline and expertise.

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Efficient and Precise Target Identification

GaP Advisors operates in both buy-side and sell-side investment banking, and they wanted to achieve three main objectives with Inven:

1. Time-efficient identification of relevant middle-market buy-side targets without industry codes:

Locating potential acquisition targets, evaluating them, and connecting with the most promising candidates can be a time-consuming and challenging process. It is essential that for each project they always exhaust the market and find all the relevant companies. GaP Advisors needed a reliable solution capable of identifying all potential acquisition targets, even in highly specific niches where accurate industry codes are scarce.

Raul Rizo-Patron, GaP Advisors

Raul Rizo-Patron, Director of Buy-Side Services at GaP Advisors, emphasizes the importance of this objective:

“We wanted a solution that could save us time and ensure we've covered all possible opportunities, even when companies are difficult to find. The worst feeling for any investment banker is walking into a client call and being asked why a specific company is not on the list. With Inven, we are confident this won’t happen.”

2. Comprehensive identification of potential buyers for sell-side mandates

In addition to buy-side projects, GaP Advisors is actively involved in sell-side M&A transactions. To secure the best possible deals, GaP diligently searches for strategic buyers and private equity firms interested in acquiring new companies. They hoped a solution like Inven could help them find the most relevant buyers, regardless of the industry.

3. Efficient preparation for client meetings

GaP advisors wanted to start generating lists of potential acquisition targets efficiently during the pitch phase. Similarly on sell-side cases they wanted to be able to provide potential buyers already in the first meeting. Doing this quickly through traditional methods can be risky and tricky.

With Inven, they could rapidly generate lists of potential buyers and acquisition targets without committing a lot of hours for manual work. This allows them to present valuable insights right from the first meeting, making a strong impression on clients. 


Significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy for buy-side and sell-side projects

Since implementing Inven for their buy-side and sell-side projects, GaP Advisors has experienced significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy saving, in some cases, many hours of work compared to how much it previously to complete such tasks. 


The Perfect Match: GaP Advisors' Decision to Choose Inven

GaP Advisors found Inven to be the perfect match for their needs, offering verified contact data and saving precious time on both buy-side and sell-side engagements. Inven's unique capability to identify relevant companies based on what they actually do, rather than relying solely on industry codes, enables GaP Advisors to efficiently uncover potential opportunities.

“With Inven, we’re saving time on the manual research but also making sure we’re not leaving any stone unturned,” says Raul Rizo-Patron

Inven data points: location, financial data, contact data

Verified contact data of CEO’s, Owners, Head of M&A’s etc. 

One of the key reasons GaP Advisors chose Inven is its ability to provide verified contact information of CEOs, Owners, Heads of M&A, and other key individuals within target companies. Inven not only helps GaP Advisors find relevant acquisition targets but also provides immediate access to the right people within those target companies.This streamlined approach saves them valuable time by enabling direct and efficient communication with the appropriate contacts.

Take, for instance, a case where GaP Advisors needed to build a high-quality list of potential buyers. They quickly compiled a list of 100 strategic buyers who were active in the right areas and had the ideal company size. Then, they refined their search, exporting only those companies that employed individuals with titles such as 'Corporate Development' and 'Head of M&A.' In just 10 minutes, GaP Advisors had an exceptional list of 20 companies, complete with contact data for the right people – and this all within a niche industry!

Efficient target identification

Given GaP Advisors' diverse range of projects spanning multiple industries, including specialized niches within manufacturing, the ability to identify companies based on their specific offerings is invaluable.  With Inven, finding companies goes beyond the traditional industry codes. By analyzing company websites, Inven gains a deep understanding of their core activities, allowing GaP Advisors to promptly identify relevant targets aligned with their clients' requirements.

Finding strategic buyers

The same goes for the sell-side projects. With Inven's search capabilities, GaP Advisors can effortlessly pinpoint companies that have the potential to be strategic buyers. Once identified, GaP Advisors can quickly initiate contact with these potential acquirers, presenting them with the acquisition opportunity.